All our poultry is free range, high welfare is paramount to us, we look after the birds and do not want to see anything unwell/suffering just for the sake of production.

Chicken as nature intended. Boxes Farm  chickens live in small groups of about 6-8 birds ranging over fresh green pasture and woodland. They benefit from a diet that contains mainly wheat and is GM free, with no antibiotics or growth promoters. Their lifestyle, diet and the fact that they are a naturally slow growing, old-fashioned bird, combine to give the meat a wonderful texture and a delicious full flavour. Our chickens are a cross between a hybrid meat bird and a rare breed. If you would like to know more press here

Our ducks and geese are raised using traditional farming methods. The birds graze grassy paddocks in Essex and come to maturity over several months. All are hand plucked & then hung in a chilled environment for at least 10 days to develop a full and succulent flavour. Our ducks are a cross between hybrid meat birds and a traditional native breed. More is explained under ducks.

Our Bronze Turkeys are bred using traditional farming methods, enabling the birds to roam freely in pastures, stubble fields and woodland and come to maturity over several months. Their feed is based on locally grown cereals and vegetable protein. Without additives, drugs or growth promoters. The birds are hand plucked and then hung in a chilled environment for at least 14 days to develop an even fuller flavour.

We fully appreciate what the researchers have done for increasing production of any kind of meat (birds included) but we feel that a little bit of maturity with a lot of welfare, therefore a slowing down of production to give a fuller, more traditional, flavour to our birds can only be of benefit to both our customers and our livestock, which is all that we can aim for.

Please note that all our livestock (including us and our pets) are all fed GM free food and medication is only administered when necessary, not routinely.

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