We are not the kind of people to rush into anything and have therefore spent many years trying different breeds to find what works for us as the animals welfare is paramount and general the speed of growth (and not flavour or welfare) has been most peoples priority.

This has led to birds being bred that go over weight too quickly and are not able to support themselves on their legs (commercially known as ‘going off their legs’). As I look after all the animals myself and have seen birds suffering, I was not prepared to use these breeds.

I now feel that with the years of trials we have been undergoing that we have come up with a healthy, happy bird, that is a pleasure to breed and rear, without the aforementioned problems. We do all our own breeding on the farm both artificial ( in incubators) and naturally under a broody hen, every hen that wishes to, is given the opportunity to raise her own clutch of chicks (not all want to, but some are desperate to). It does take a little longer to mature but has a taste that is to die for.

All our birds are truly free range and fed a GM free diet which we supplement with fresh greens and vegetables, plus they scratch around for all the grubs they can find, have their own dust baths and an ad lib supply of grit if they choose. They are able to range over fox proof pastures to give them a stress free life where they can appreciate the sun, wind, rain and even snow on their backs, when they choose to. They all answer to there names, which are Gertrude and Albert, always an amusing time when you are standing on a field calling Gertrude and Albert to have all these chickens run at you. Only when they are ready (in our eyes) are they chosen for our customers, when they are picked up singularly and humanly despatched, out of sight of the rest of the flock, then plucked, drawn, dressed and refrigerated ready for our customers to collect from the Farm or at Farmers Markets we attend (you can find these on our events page). As the birds are never transported live they suffer no stress or injury from this and therefore are very succulent.

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